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CPO® Classes

     For 2023, we will be offering two class formats--"In-class" and virtual (via Zoom™).


#1:  Full Two-Day CPO Classroom Course


Pre-requisites:  None

#2:  Full Two-Day CPO Virtual/Course


Pre-requisites:  Without the items below, you MAY NOT participate                          in the class.                     

                      You MUST HAVE the following:

   1.  Laptop or PC--(Zoom app may need to be downloaded) with:

  • Web cam

  • Speaker

  • Microphone

They must be fully functional the entire class, as we each need to see, hear, & speak to each other.   

   2.  Internet Access--Stable, strong internet connection for the

entire class

   3.  Email Address*--To receive course information, Zoom links to

enter the “classroom,” and take the exam

*Your email must be one you check daily as instructions will be sent by email in addition to those sent with in the mail.


Length: 14 to 16 hours, over two days via Zoom; software will need

to be downloaded. You must be present the entire course.


Cost:     $350 Early Registration (Add $25 if registration received less

than 21 days prior to class.)

Special Considerations for

Virtual/Zoom Courses:

  1. Tablets, ChromeBooks, iPads are not allowed to be used—only (PC) laptops or workstations.

  2. If there is any doubt regarding your network stability, or if you cannot set up and configure a computer or perform basic computer tasks or transactions, please have someone on-site throughout the course, including during the exam or consider an “in-class” class.

  3. Preferred browsers: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, though for the exam Chrome only.

  4. Be sensitive of your testing environment. If in a business setting be certain your business firewall and workstation conform to testing requirements as the testing proctoring/testing company, PeopleCert, will attempt to download and install a secure browser.

CPO® Blended Learning  

(The online Pool Operator Primer™ course and an "in-class" Pool Operator Fusion™ session (virtually via Zoom)



CPO Certification

Call us at 716-830-8865 prior to registering for the "Blended" course!

Component #1: Pool Operator Primer™ (POP™​ 

(Online course) This class does not earn certification!


Pre-requisites: Pool Operator Primer™ (Discount Code

Also Zoom class requirements above.


Length:  Varies as this portion is completed at your own pace.


     Note:  Once the eight section online Pool Operator Primer™ course is successfully completed (you do have to score 100% on each section of it or you will need to retake the section), you have six months to successfully complete the Pool Operator Fusion™ course in order to become certified as a Certified Pool/Spa Operator®.


     When you have completed the Primer™ course, you must print out and present a copy of the Primer™ Online Course Completion Certificate at the Fusion™ class (the second day of a two day class) and successfully pass the exam in order to earn certification.

Component #2 · Pool Operator Fusion™ (via Zoom)


Prerequisites: Successful completion of the online, POP™                          Course, completed at your own pace


Length:  8 to 9 hours by enrolling in the second day of a

             two-day class via Zoom or In-Class, Pool Operator                 Fusion™ course.


Cost:      $375 (TOTAL for both components)

             $400 if registration is received less than 21 days                   prior to class.)


Course fee includes:

  • Access to online course material and class instruction

  • Processing fee

  • Phone or e-mail post class trouble shooting assistance on topics pertaining to course content


     Note:  Certification is earned once you successfully complete the Pool Operator Primer™ and Pool Operator Fusion™ segments. The exam is administered at the end of the second day of class.

Review Class


     There are two options for review of the material.  You may either enroll in, 1) a full CPO® course, or, 2) the Fusion™ course which would require completing the Pool Operator Primer™. 


     Regardless of the course format, certification, is contingent on the following:

  • Providing proof of successfully completing any pre-requisites. This includes the Pool Operator Primer™ course if one is planning on enrolling in a Pool Operator Fusion™ course.

  • Being present for all virtual, classroom sessions.

  • Being actively engaged in the learning process, offering feedback and asking questions.

  • Answering correctly a minimum of 37 of 50 questions (~75%) on the open book final exam. 

What to Expect at Class


     Keep in mind the following regarding the class itself:

  • Admission will only be granted to individuals who have registered and paid for the class prior to the first day of class.

  • Upon entering the classroom each day, after lunch breaks and upon handing in your exam, a state issued photo ID must be presented.

  • Calculators (non-programmable) will only be permitted to be used at the exam.  Cellphones, smart phones, tablets, or computers cannot be permitted.

  • Course fees do not include lunch.  

  • We do our best to find comfortable facilities in which to hold classes.  Some classrooms can have wide ranging temperatures so dress appropriately.

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