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Upcoming Classes 

Please note:

  1. From the time you register to the time you receive your certificate, this process can be a very "communication intensive" course so please be sure to complete the registration form completely with all information including an email you check daily and cell phone number.

  2. Dates are listed below.

  3. Classes begin each day at 8:00 am.

  4. Once registered, and approximately 14 days prior to class, you will receive the textbook, "Welcome Letter" (with all the specifics about the class such as class location, what to expect, what to bring to class, etc.), and study guides mailed to your home via US Priority Mail.

  5. For Virtual course students, shortly thereafter you will receive an email with instructions and links to access the Zoom class sessions and a Username/Login ID and password to access the online exam.

  6. Be sure to read everything you receive promptly and thoroughly. If there is something you do not understand call us at 716-830-8865 immediately.

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