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Frequently Asked Questions...

General Course and Certificate Information


Q: How can I best prepare for any of the pool operator courses?

     A: First, register early—that way you can assure yourself of a place in the class. You will receive the Pool/Spa Operator Handbook® and other study materials approximately 14 days prior to the first day of the course. (Keep in mind that your likelihood of success increases with pre-course study.  While we cannot guarantee success, we recommend one hour of study per each hour of class time.)

     Use the handbook and materials - they’re yours. Mark them up, highlight key portions of the chapters, and place “sticky notes” on key pages. Realize, that as much as you have to “know,” a great deal of information for the final exam, is dependent on how familiar you are with the book and your ability to find the answers in the book and in any notes you may have taken!


Q: How long is the course?

     A: The course is approximately 16 hours, over two days. More "demanding" material is on the first day allowing time to study that information that night.  The second day is spent completing the remainder of the course and taking the final exam.


Q: Tell me about the exam? What's it like?

     A: The exam is an open book exam.  You are permitted to refer to all materials including the textbook, notes and handouts from the class. Since this is an open book exam, there is no second exam or “retakes.” To successfully complete the exam, you must answer correctly a minimum of 37 questions out of 50  (75%) for certification.

You must bring a calculator to class which can

be used during the exam.

Cellphones, smart phones, tablets or computers are not permitted.


Q: For how long is the pool operator certification valid?

     A: Certification is valid for five years.   


Q: How can I renew my certification?

     A: You must complete a review class prior to your current certification expiring or take a full course prior to or after expiration. You may also enroll in a full course or take the blended learning course in which you take the Pool Operator Primer™, (online course) and the Pool Operator Fusion™, the second day of a 2-day classroom course.  Click here for more information.

Q: How will I receive my certification?

     A: It will be sent to the email you provided at registration within four to six weeks.

Q: Does my state (or county or municipality) require a certified pool operator?

     A: The easiest answer to this is to refer to your local or state health department--some of these are on our Resources.



Q: How do I pay?

     A:  We accept credit cards only on this website and checks that are mailed to our office.  All information is available on the Registration Page.


     If paying with a PO, and you need a copy of our vendor W-9 form, email us. 


     Registration form and the PO must be received by the early bird deadline to receive early bird pricing. See Registration for more information.


Q: What is the cost of the course?

     A: $350 if you register early—21 days or more prior to the first day. If late, an additional $25 late registration fee will be assessed. 


The cost of the blended learning course (Pool Operator Primer™ and Pool Operator Fusion™) is $375. Call prior to registering.


Q: Is this course available online?

     A: Yes. Click here to learn more about the blended learning (online and classroom option.)


Q: What if I cannot attend the class?

     A:  Cancellations, Refunds and Credit information can be found in the CART.


Locations, Lodging and Travel

Q: What if I need to travel, are lodging and directions available?

     A: Contact us at


Other Courses

Q: What other types of classes do you offer?

     A: Pool Operator Training has access to many, many other aquatics and compliance courses available in an online format.  Courses such as:

  • Aquatic Management related courses including courses in Aquatic Risk Management, Recreational Water Illnesses, Aquatic Facility Audits, Emergency Response, and Aquatic Play Features.


  • Compliance Training Courses including courses in Occupational Safety, Healthcare, Environmental Management, Electrical Safety (NFPA 700E), Department of Transportation and Employment Law courses to name a few.


     E-mail us for more information!

Policies, Terms and Conditions 

     By submitting your registration form, you are agreeing with all of these Policies, Terms and Conditions that you will find in the CART and other regstration conditions elsewhere on this site.


     Submission of the registration is binding, and all course fees are non-refundable unless a cancellation request is submitted and received by Pool Operator Training.

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