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CPO® Course Inf

     The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance's Certified Pool/Spa Operator® course is recognized throughout the world. While there is only one Certified Pool Operator™ course, it can be “delivered,” or taught, in two different formats.  Regardless of the format, the benefits of the course are still the same and include:

  • Over 14+ hours of uniform instruction

  • Wide acceptance by local and state authorities—in fact, most health officials are CPO’s®

  • Topics critically necessary to pool operators including a section on local and state codes

  • A frequently updated and revised comprehensive handbook

  • The handbook is designed for ease of use as a reference tool for day-to-day operation and trouble shooting

  • PHTA® Certified Instructors—certified and authorized by fellow instructors who are also current PHTA® Education Committee members

  • Providing a more thorough understanding of the operator’s role in pool care, management and reducing risk

  • National and International recognition


     “OK, so the benefits are compelling and make some sense”, you ask, “but ‘Why?’ Why should I be become certified?” Well...


  • You owe it to yourself, your employer and most importantly the swimmers that swim in your pool to provide a safe and sanitary operation

  • Minimize the possibility of unexpected downtime due to code infraction or poor planning

  • State, local and even federal swimming pool codes and laws for operating swimming pools are constantly being revised due to industry changes and pool operators are expected to be up-to-date, familiar with, and know these revisions

  • The evolution of technology demands that operators be informed about equipment, maintenance practices and cost saving methods 

  • Certification may lower liability insurance costs 

CPO® Course Content

     The Certified Pool/Spa Operator® course covers all 18 chapters of the Pool & Spa Operator™ Handbook (which is revised every two to three years). The design of the book provides the operator with a “tool” to identify common pool problems and questions that may arise with the pool operation. Essentially, the course is an intense 14+ hour sojourn through the topics of:


  • Pool and Spa Management

  • Regulations & Guidelines

  • Essential Calculations

  • Pool Water Contamination

  • Disinfection

  • Water Balance

  • Pool & Spa Water Problems

  • Chemical Testing

  • Chemical Feed & Control

  • Water Circulation

  • Pool & Spa Filtration

  • Heating & Air Circulation

  • State and Local Codes

  • Spa & Therapy Pool Operation

  • Facility Safety

  • Keeping Records

  • Maintenance Systems

  • Troubleshooting

  • Facility Renovation and Design

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